For the past few months I've been on a quest, searching for the BEST Bloody Mary breakfast in the Treasure Valley. I've visited Bardenay in Eagle, Grant's Neighborhood bar and grill in Meridian, Fork in downtown Boise, Twin Peaks at the Boise Spectrum and Homestead Bar and Grill in Meridian. If you've been keeping up, you now know that I may have already discovered the best Bloody Mary not only in Idaho, but maybe in the entire country.  I continue my search, this week for the ultimate Bloody Mary breakfast with stop number six at Eureka in downtown Boise.  It really is hard work, sacrificing my Sunday mornings in search of the best Bloody Mary Breakfast in the Treasure Valley. My latest stop was Eureka at 800 West Idaho street.

I had a lot of people who love Eureka for dinner and happy hour suggest that I try them for brunch -- so we did!

I ordered the Classic breakfast and while it was good and pretty filling, it was kind of basic and altogether unspectacular. Nothing really stood out.

My wife had the Bread Pudding French Toast (I stole some of hers for research purposes). It was very good, and I especially loved the whiskey creme agnlaise sauce. This was not your mom's French toast and it did stand out.  One of our guests skipped the breakfast and had tacos, which he said were kind of bland.

As for the Bloody Mary, it also was pretty unspectacular, when compared to some of my other stops. A good bloody Mary doesn't have to go over the top with added vegetables and food, it only needs a great bloody Mary Mix with extra credit if it includes bacon.

Eureka makes it's own mix and I admit that I am not a fan. It was just a little too tomato tasting and very spicy.  I like spicy, but this seemed extra spicy and not an overall great flavor for my tastes. Now some people are fans of a more tomato juice tasting, bloody Mary, and if that's you, you will enjoy it. My group entire group were not big fans and most switched to Mimosas. The good news is that the bloody Mary and Mimosas are only $5.

On a scale of 1-10 for our breakfasts, I will give a rating of 6.5  (My wife's Bread Pudding French toast brings the score up an extra half point).

For the bloody Mary, I give a rating of 5.5. But as I said, It's more of a personal taste issue for me, I don't like a bloody Mary that is too tomato based and extra spicy.

Eureka, Breakfast Menu:

  • Classic Breakfast / eggs / house potatoes / tomato / choice of bacon or sausage / baguette / jam
  • 6 Pack Breakfast Burrito/ egg scramble / ground turkey / black beans / pepper trio / avocado / charred tomato salsa / fruit
  • Steak N’ Eggs/ house potatoes / sautéed kale / garlic / fried eggs / firecracker aioli
  • Chilaquiles / charred salsa tortilla chips / eggs / feta / crema / red onions / avocado / diced tomato
  • Bread Pudding French Toast / blueberry compote / whiskey crème anglaise
  • Avocado Toast / hard boiled egg / diced tomato / chimichurri sauce / pickled red onions / fruit
  • Fried Chicken & Sweet Cornbread / whipped butter / jalapeño-infused maple glaze / bacon

Still to come, I'm already planning a Bloody Mary Breakfast stop at Bacon in downtown Boise and possibly Club 102 in Nampa. If you have a suggested place that I need to try for bloody Mary's and breakfast, please share below in the comments section or email me directly at, so I can try it and share with the rest of the world

And I'm searching the entire Treasure Valley, so if you know of an awesome place in Nampa or Caldwell etc. please drop me an email and tell me about it! I look forward to hearing from you.

For those who love to make your own Bloody Mary's, here's a video showing how I make mine every Thanksgiving!

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