While most of the country chooses bacon or sausage as their favorite brunch food, here in Idaho, we go for the Bloody Mary, here's a recipe!

Mother's Day is this Sunday and you might be thinking of making mom some breakfast. Well, if she's an Idahoan mom, there's a good chance she'd prefer a Bloody Mary over some soggy pancakes. There's a good chance she'd rather get a little boozed up than chomp down a plate of French Toast with scrambled eggs. Zippia released a map of each state's favorite brunch food and we're one of very few states that opted for a Bloody Mary over food.

My suggestion, as Mother's Day quickly approaches, is that you make the mom in your life a Smoky Bloody Mary, so she can have the best of both worlds: Bacon AND Bloody Mary! Check out this awesome recipe from the Food Network. It's easy, it takes 20 minutes to make, and you get to enjoy a little bit of bacon while you sip on your Bloody Mary!

Now, not all moms want alcohol and that's certainly understandable. The great thing about a Bloody Mary, is you can make it virgin and it's still an awesome tasting drink (IF you like Bloody Marys, they're not for everyone!). And if you don't want alcohol and you don't want an overdose of tomato juice, go rogue and celebrate Mother's Day by serving mom up some good ole fashion sausage. Because according to the above map, a lot of mom's love sausage!

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