I LOVE a good Bloody Mary with a great breakfast chaser. I've already visited Bardenay in Eagle, Grant's Neighborhood bar and grill in Meridian and Fork in downtown Boise. I continue my search for the ultimate Bloody Mary breakfast with stop number four at Twin Peaks near the Boise Spectrum.

I'm sacrificing my Sunday mornings in search of the best Bloody Mary Breakfast in the Treasure Valley. My first stop in 2018 was Twin Peaks. Yes it's a babe bar with skimpily clad servers, but I've heard a lot about their make your own Bloody Mary bar and their all you can eat brunch with fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy, potatoes, a fresh made to order omelet bar with all the fix-ins along with pancakes, french toast, sausage and bacon. The highlight is the Bloody Mary bar and the omelet bar. But I will tell you there is nooooo way you will leave hungry from this place.

The Bloody Mary bar starts with your choice of Vodka...I chose my favorite, Grey Goose. They you have a choice of four different Bloody Mary mixes, from tame to spicy...and then there is a plethora of fresh produce and pickled products to add to you blood red salad bar. Thins like pickle okra, cheese stuffed olives, asparagus, onions and more. Of course there is celery stalks, tomatoes and the best most important ingredient of all.....candied peppered bacon. The Bloody Mary itself is almost a full meal.

The bloody Mary was delicious (It should be, I made it right?) So I will give it an 8 out 10 on Mike's Bloody Mary scale.

The breakfast for the most part was good too. The omelet with all the fresh ingredients and made hot was awesome the only thing I could really criticize was that the sausage gravy was little thin and runny, but every thing else was great. For the price, this might be the best Bloody Mary breakfast so far...My wife and two boys got out for a total of $77. I give the Twin Peaks Brunch a 7.5 out of ten. So of all the places I've checked out so far, Twin Peaks is the most consistent. The other places either had a great Bloody Mary and a not as good breakfast or a great breakfast and not as good Bloody Mary...

Twin Peaks only serves the Bloody Mary all you can eat brunches on Sundays...and I would advise during football game days to get there before 10 if you don't like crowds because the place fills up fast after the first game kicks off.

Up next I'm planning on visiting Homestead Bar & Grill in Meridian. I'm also planning stops at Bacon in downtown Boise, Eureka in downtown Boise and Lucky Fins in Meridian and downtown Boise.... again if you know of other amazing places to have a Bloody Mary Breakfast that might be hidden in some corner of the Treasure Valley please let me know so I can sample them and let everyone else know too.

And I'm searching the entire Treasure Valley, so if you know of an awesome place in Nampa or Caldwell etc. please drop me an email at Mike.Kasper@TownsquareMedia.com and tell me about it! I look forward to hearing from you.

For those who love to make your own Bloody Mary's, here's a video showing how I make mine every Thanksgiving!

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