Are you ready for some college football? It doesn't matter whether you love the Broncos, Vandals, or down with the Yotes, it's time for some football.

Can we go? Will there be games? There is still so much happening but there has been a green light given to college football to begin the preseason part of the season.

This portion of the announcement by the NCAA Division I Council is pretty much for players and coaches. This is basically the beginning of the season most of us don't even know is happening unless it's a Spring game. Right now the council is approving to letting coaches plan on practices with their teams, watching the film, and getting ready for the season.

Practices could begin in July with the season beginning in late August. The Bronco Nation has a lot to protect on the blue this year with Florida State on September 19, Utah State on October 17 and BYU on November 6. Just to name a few.

I haven't seen anything regarding fans yet so I'm sure that will follow. Just don't get too excited but I think like anything people are just waiting to see how it plays out. You have to expect students will be impacted by the coronavirus and that's when you see what's up. It looks like there is a plan for all of that including eyes on college basketball to follow.

I saw a video that Jay Tust from KTVB produced that was great and he breaks down day by day approvals. I'll post that link below. If everything goes as planned schedules could start on time. My gut tells me that everything is a wish and that some schools might have to cancel seasons. I mean, Idaho coronavirus cases rank lower than other states and you might think that has an impact. We'll see.

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