I'll never forget being in downtown Boise one weekend and seeing this huge crowd of people around an ice-cream shop. I thought "how in the world does ice-cream attract that many people?" The STIL is known for drawing a crowd, so they've decided to open a second shop.

The STIL is most well known for alcohol-infused ice-cream and strangely delicious concoctions made with many locally sourced ingredients. They also offer up ice-cream with beer and wine pairings, homemade ice-cream sandwiches, and dairy-free/vegan options.

The second store will open in Boise's Barber Valley near Lucky 13. No word yet on when this second store will open, but hopefully it will ease the long line that can often be seen out the door!

If you've never been to The Stil click the link below to learn more. I don't care if it's snowing outside, it is always time for ice-cream!

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