This makes me sick to my stomach. At 58-year-old this Boise man could be her grandfather and he is accused having sexual relations with her! My Mama heart just wants to die!

Michael Vermaat stands accused of having lewd conduct with a 17-year-old girl who for obvious reasons is not being named.

According to Vermaat allegedly had inappropriate conduct with the victim for a period of two-to-three weeks during February.

Vermaat and the victim apparently knew each other and the inappropriate sexual contact happened at his home.

He is charged with five felony counts of sexual battery on a minor.

I was happy to learn that support services are being provided to the victim and her family. There is no doubt this has done some major damage to all of them mentally.

The charges do not specifically state that he blatantly had sex with her, but we all know that can be defined in many different ways and regardless of the specifics the thought of it just disgusts me.

I don't care even if she was a willing participant (and I am certainly not saying she was,) a 17-year-old child is completely incapable of making a decision like that.

I truly hope that she gets all the mental health care that she needs to get through this and that Vermaat is prosecuted to the full extent for his disturbing acts.

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