Many people are singing the praise of the awesome LASIK procedure that you have a chance to win thanks to our friends at Hollingshead Eye Center.

If you have thought about improving your sight and life then this is for you or maybe you know someone who could really benefit from a LASIK procedure, well let us know. We want to gift you a new look on life. There are many reasons people get LASIK, if this is right for you or someone you know don't hesitate. We would love to hear from you.

Photo courtesy of Hollingshead
Photo courtesy of Hollingshead

The staff at Hollingshead really do want to help others see and feel better. In the long run it can be more cost effective for people to actually get this procedure then continue to buy glasses/contacts. Whatever the reason is let us help you or someone you know (make sure they are a candidate for this and want it)

IF the winner is not a candidate for LASIK, another winner will be drawn by the station.

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