It's me again.  Every night, I will post the clues that I gave you on Mix 106 right here.  This will help some of you, it won't help others and then there will be some that even if I spelled it out, it wouldn't help.

Tuesday, June 1

Clue 1 -  "I’ve complained to your manager seven different times.  I’ve gotten nowhere.  This is karma, people!"

Clue 2 - "Do you guys think you play The Weeknd enough?"

Clue 3 - "My third grader has been eating worms at school.  I’ve schedule a parent teacher conference for the morning."

Wednesday, June 2

Clue 1 - "Do you even know the meaning of Dua Lipa’s name?  Do your research, people!"

Clue 2 - "One day, you’ll treat me with respect.  If not, believe you me, this will happen again."

Clue 3 - "Ritt Momney?  Is that supposed to be a joke?  I don’t think it’s very funny."

Thursday, June 3

Clue 1 - "Yesterday I complained to the Edwards Theater manager because the 4D trailer for the new Top Gun movie messed up my bob."

Clue 2 - "I used to really like Green Day.  Then I grew up."

Clue 3 - "Last night, the truck behind me on Black Cat had its brights on.  I’m pretty sure you could see it from space!"

Friday, June 4

Clue 1 - "I’ve been planning this whole thing for five months."

Clue 2 - "You know me as Karen from Meridian, but that isn’t where I grew up."

Clue 3 - "I live the perfect life.  I have a huge house in Paramount, I drive a luxury SUV, my husband makes lots of money and we have two kids."

Monday, June 7

Clue 1 - "My husband grew up in the Warm Springs neighborhood of Boise.  He went to Adams Elementary and has a lot of important friends."

Clue 2 - "I need to apologize to the three officers that had to deal with my ridiculous neighbors.  They had a Friends Reunion party this weekend.  Seriously!  Keep.  It.  Down."

Clue 3 - "I met my husband while I was complaining to the manager about a wobbly table at Rembrandts in Eagle.  He fixed the table and I fell in love."

Tuesday, June 8

Clue 1 - "I know what I saw.  I don't care what NASA says, those were UFO's straight from outer space. last night."

Clue 2 - "Our cat has nine lives.  You should see the way my kids pull its tail."

Clue 3 - "This afternoon, I'm calling you from my daily walk on the Greenbelt."

Wednesday, June 9

Clue 1 - "One day you’ll see that this really wasn’t that hard.  You’ll be angry that you didn’t win the money when the clues were so obvious the whole time."

Clue 2 - "I considered hiding it in four different spots in the same place.  That will make sense at some point."

Clue 3 - "I always bring out of town guests to see the Oregon Trail.  No one is ever impressed.  I think if it wasn’t for dysentery, the pioneers would have died of boredom."

Thursday, June 10

Clue 1 - "Most people don’t know this but I was on an episode of Trading Spaces."

Clue 2 - "Yesterday I read four complaints on Facebook that I’m not as fun as the original bandit. Maybe you’re just not very smart."

Clue 3 - “I really like the new Imagine Dragons song.  It helps take my mind off of the other Karen’s that listen to Mix 106.”

Friday, June 11

Clue 1 - "Yesterday, I saw two of you ask the teller at the bank if they knew where it was hiding.  They know more than they’re letting on."

Clue 2 - "Ariana Grande’s hair is unbecoming. She needs a bob like me."

Clue 3 - “I wanted to have my own reality show called Karen plus 7, but Kate Gosselin stole my idea and I didn’t have enough kids."

Good luck.

- Karen (The Mix 106 Bandit)


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