It's me again.  It appears that you're struggling to figure this out.  I don't understand why.  I've made this so easy for you.  I am literally telling you what to find and where to look.  I guess you're not as smart as I thought you were.  If you were smart, you'd be getting clues twice a week at First Federal Bank.  I made those clues to be like a secret decoder ring to this whole thing.  When the lightbulb in your head finally turns on, you're going to be upset with yourself.  Because the answers were right in front of you the whole time.  Don't complain about it, though.  You can't out-Karen this Karen.

Tuesday, June 1

Clue 1 -  "I’ve complained to your manager seven different times.  I’ve gotten nowhere.  This is karma, people!"

Clue 2 - "Do you guys think you play The Weeknd enough?"

Clue 3 - "My third-grader has been eating worms at school.  I’ve scheduled a parent-teacher conference for the morning."

Wednesday, June 2

Clue 1 - "Do you even know the meaning of Dua Lipa’s name?  Do your research, people!"

Clue 2 - "One day, you’ll treat me with respect.  If not, believe you me, this will happen again."

Clue 3 - "Ritt Momney?  Is that supposed to be a joke?  I don’t think it’s very funny."

Thursday, June 3

Clue 1 - "Yesterday I complained to the Edwards Theater manager because the 4D trailer for the new Top Gun movie messed up my bob."

Clue 2 - "I used to really like Green Day.  Then I grew up."

Clue 3 - "Last night, the truck behind me on Black Cat had its brights on.  I’m pretty sure you could see it from space!"

Friday, June 4

Clue 1 - "I’ve been planning this whole thing for five months."

Clue 2 - "You know me as Karen from Meridian, but that isn’t where I grew up."

Clue 3 - "I live the perfect life.  I have a huge house in Paramount, I drive a luxury SUV, my husband makes lots of money and we have two kids."

Monday, June 7

Clue 1 - "My husband grew up in the Warm Springs neighborhood of Boise.  He went to Adams Elementary and has a lot of important friends."

Clue 2 - "I need to apologize to the three officers that had to deal with my ridiculous neighbors.  They had a Friends Reunion party this weekend.  Seriously!  Keep.  It.  Down."

Clue 3 - "I met my husband while I was complaining to the manager about a wobbly table at Rembrandts in Eagle.  He fixed the table and I fell in love."

Tuesday, June 8

Clue 1 - "I know what I saw.  I don't care what NASA says, those were UFOs straight from outer space. last night."

Clue 2 - "Our cat has nine lives.  You should see the way my kids pull its tail."

Clue 3 - "This afternoon, I'm calling you from my daily walk on the Greenbelt."

Wednesday, June 9

Clue 1 - "One day you’ll see that this really wasn’t that hard.  You’ll be angry that you didn’t win the money when the clues were so obvious the whole time."

Clue 2 - "I considered hiding it in four different spots in the same place.  That will make sense at some point."

Clue 3 - "I always bring out-of-town guests to see the Oregon Trail.  No one is ever impressed.  I think if it wasn’t for dysentery, the pioneers would have died of boredom."

Thursday, June 10

Clue 1 - "Most people don’t know this but I was on an episode of Trading Spaces."

Clue 2 - "Yesterday I read four complaints on Facebook that I’m not as fun as the original bandit. Maybe you’re just not very smart."

Clue 3 - “I really like the new Imagine Dragons song.  It helps take my mind off of the other Karen’s that listen to Mix 106.”

Friday, June 11

Clue 1 - "Yesterday, I saw two of you ask the teller at the bank if they knew where it was hiding.  They know more than they’re letting on."

Clue 2 - "Ariana Grande’s hair is unbecoming. She needs a bob like me."

Clue 3 - “I wanted to have my own reality show called Karen plus 7, but Kate Gosselin stole my idea and I didn’t have enough kids."

Monday, June 14

Clue 1 - "Marshmello?  Was he in Ghostbusters?"

Clue 2 - "My family needs 2 rafts to float the Boise River."

Clue 3 - "I’m not a Single Lady, but I have a Beyoncé-like vibe." 

Tuesday, June 15

Clue 1 - "How many Bandits have there been on Mix?  4?  I’m definitely the smartest."

Clue 2 - "I like Bruno Mars’ throwback sound.  It suits him well."

Clue 3 - "There are wide open spaces all over the Treasure Valley.  Don’t look there."

Wednesday, June 16

Clue 1 - "The answer only has six words."

Clue 2 - "Do you remember our football team?  They were called the Stallions."

Clue 3 - "It's 4 o'clock.  I'm always on time."

Thursday, June 17

Clue 1 - "Someone reminded me that we had another arena football team.  I forgot all about them.  They were called the Burn."

Clue 2 - "I think Boise has had around 4 minor league baseball teams.  Do you know where they played?"

Clue 3 - "The best baseball team name we’ve ever had was the Pilots.  Do you know why they were called that?"

Friday, June 18

Clue 1 - "I heard that Spacebar moved.  I hope it’s bigger now.  Those college kids need more room."

Clue 2 - "We’re getting closer to my last clue.  You better figure this out before the last one."

Clue 3 - "There are a lot of famous people from Idaho, like my mom’s favorite actress, Lana Turner."

Monday, June 21

Clue 1 - "You should talk to some of your codebreaker friends. They might be able to help you figure out these clues. Only four people have come close to understanding."

Clue 2 - "I can’t believe that we live in the same place where Aaron Paul used to live."

Clue 3 - "I will be disappointed if you haven’t solved this in the next seven days." 

Tuesday, June 22

Clue 1 - "Torrie Wilson.  That is all."

Clue 2 - "I am very excited because my niece is flying in tonight at 8."

Clue 3 - "Would there be a Disneyland if it weren't for Lillian Disney?" 

Good luck.

- Karen (The Mix 106 Bandit)


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