We officially wrap things up here at the 12 days of ChristMIX Toy Drive tomorrow at 10 am. Today we smashed the last of our original goals and we couldn't be more excited about it!

So if you've been keeping up with our Toy Drive, you know we smashed our original cash and gift card goal ($500) long ago. Now, as we wrap up the 11th day, we're up over $7,300. This is going to help so many families this holiday season.

As for bikes, we're ending day 11 the way we started, with 61. But while there were no additional bikes today, we're really happy with the 61 we've collected so far, which exceeds our goal of 50 bikes. At this point we'd like to somehow get 75 by tomorrow at 10 am but a miracle may have to happen for that to work out. Regardless, if we didn't get any more bikes, that's 61 kids in the Treasure Valley that will have a new bike on Christmas morning and we're proud of that.

Lastly, our 53' Giltner truck that we set out to fill has been filled! It was so stuffed this morning that we had to start moving things into the second truck and working on getting everything sorted so we can send it off to our different charities. It's been an incredible 11 days so far and I'm so excited and proud of the kind people of this community for putting in the hard work necessary to fulfill all of these goals.

We'll keep on going till tomorrow (Monday 12/14) at 10 am to get as much as we can for the families that will be receiving from us and then I'll get in my car and head home. -Moug

All equipment for Mix 106 12 Days of ChristMIX generously donated by Pacific North Contractors , with support from Giltner Transportation, Inc. , and Valley Wide Cooperative.

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