It's International Women's Day and the ladies of Mix 106 have yet to brag about themselves so I'm going to take this opportunity to do it for them!

Truly, if not for the women of Mix 106, there would be no funny, there would be no chill voice to get you through your work day, and there would be NO EVENTS! We'd essentially be a pre-programmed juke box that just went song to song like a sad, empty bar.

I'll start with Angie, my DREAM co-host for Moug & Angie Mornings, and not just because her name is Angie and that fits perfectly with the title of the show. Angie is one of the most honest, brilliant entertainers the radio industry has and we're incredibly lucky to have her here on Mix 106 in Boise. To add to it, she's one of my best friends in the world and my go-to person to talk all the trash about everyone else. Plus, she's friends with my wife and they do brunchies and stuff.

Angie & Mallory

Angie & Mallory, Photo Credit ; Angie Morales
Angie & Mallory, Photo Credit
; Angie Morales

Mallory is on Mix 106 every day from 10 am-3 pm to get you through your work day, and while young in her radio career, is one of the most naturally gifted radio talents I've ever heard in my life. She's fun, funny, informative, quick and extremely down to earth and the great thing is that's exactly who she is in real life! She's not putting on some sort of front, you get the real her every single day.

Angie & Jaci

Angie & Jaci, Photo Credit: Angie Morales
Angie & Jaci, Photo Credit: Angie Morales

Here's Jaci; the leader of our fun and games department, the true MacGyver, jack of all trades, make it happen leader that we're incredibly fortunate to have on our team, who also happens to be the hardest working person in our building. If it wasn't for Jaci, we'd have no prizes to give away. If it wasn't for Jaci, we'd have no events to attend and if it wasn't for Jaci, we'd be a sad jukebox in the bar of loneliness, on the ship of emptiness, perpetually floating until the entire operation was forgotten about, locked up and left behind.

These incredible women bring Mix 106 to life and we're so lucky to have them. There are countless other women that work behind the scenes at Townsquare Media Boise to make sure that our station makes money and has everything it needs to succeed and without them, we'd cease to exist.

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Lastly, though she doesn't work at Mix 106, I'd like to take a quick second here at the end to acknowledge my wonderful wife, the Amazing Dr. Stacy Moug, PhD, who goes out of her way on a daily basis to make the world a better place by promoting the importance of mental health, and by directly working with individuals and groups to help them better their lives and mental health states.

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