It turns out our human bodies are sort of like dogs.  They have little clocks inside that signal when it's time to eat, and they want the food at the exact same time every day. If you're a sporadic eater with no set time to chow down each day, it's harder to lose weight.  Who knew!

I struggled with weight in high school and college and I tried different short-term diets, but when I finally made a conscious decision to change my eating habits and grab onto a more healthy lifestyle long-term that's when change really happened.  I've been in the same five-pound window for about six years now, thank God.

This dieting headline is interesting to me.  "Want to lose weight? Eat all your food in an eight-hour time frame - and NEVER snack at night."

The article says our bodies want to be able to predict when to metabolize, and it's best to eat at the same time every day.  Lunch one day at 11am, and lunch at 3pm the next day doesn't cut it, according to the article.  It also says we should do all of our eating for the day in an 8 hour period, and never eat after 4pm. That kind of ruins dinner plans with the family, huh?  And they will look at us funny if we skip it.  There are challenges with this plan.

With the holiday eating season of gluttony in full swing, I thought I'd pass it along in case you want to try it.  We may have to drink instead of eat after 4pm at all those holiday parties coming up. There are no calories in drinks, right?  Um yeah...maybe we'll start this plan in January.

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