Some will love it, some will hate it, and those who hate it are probably lying…

Today is International NO DIET Day!

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National Today says, “Mashed potatoes? Yes. Brownies? Absolutely. Lasagna? Sign us up! On International No Diet Day anything goes — and there’s no shame associated with eating what you want."

"Of course, we appreciate International No Diet Day for its body positivity and self-acceptance, but we also appreciate some good cheese fries.”

Literally every single one of those snacks sounds amazing right now — probably because I'm so hungry 😂

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They also mentioned there are some really awesome benefits/reasons to celebrate International No Diet Day, like celebrating body positivity, giving yourself the opportunity to cook something you actually want, posting pictures of your food on social media, and giving yourself permission to focus on other things you like.

But personally, I think the best way to celebrate is by breaking free from your diets for a day and eating your favorite foods!

I’ve been doing some digging, and it looks like there are a reoccurring 5 things people crave the most (or go to the most) when they break their diets: ice cream, chocolate, soda/beer, potato chips, and sandwiches (with grilled cheese and PB&Js being the most common). So, in the spirit of International NO DIET Day, I’ve linked a bunch of the Boise area’s BEST spots for all of those things.

I’ve even included a list of the best buffets, that way everyone is happy haha! Enjoy celebrating today by checking Boise’s Bests for our favorite foods 👇

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