Some of my favorite movies came out of the 80's! Shockingly there are those of a younger generation who have not seen some of these epic films. That should be a crime! It should be required to see movies on this list.

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I give full credit to my baby brother for making me watch the three original Star Wars films. He was apauled that I hadn't seen these movies. I wasn't into Si-Fi films but he sold me on the fact that they aren't just Si-Fi, they are part of a generation. I actually enjoyed them and wasn't so lost when I went and saw Star Wars Phantom Menace. I figured that my brother had seen all must see movies based on this. Imagine my surprise the other day when we were talking about Harold Ramis passing away and all the great 80's movies he is responsible for and my baby bro mentions that he has never seen Top Gun (I know Ramis is not responsible for Top Gun). What?! How can you call yourself a fan of movies and not see one of the best movies to come out of the 80s? Apparently when he was younger he thought it was a movie about half naked guys playing beach volleyball (In my opinion the movie should have won an Oscar for that scene). Then by the time he figured out what it was really about it just seemed like an "old movie." I told him that he must watch Top Gun as his Lenton promise. This started a barrage of questions from me wanting to know if he had missed any other 80's classics? 16 Candles? The Goonies? Ghostbusters? CaddyShack? What do you consider a must see 80's Movie?