Friday night I had the chance to go and drink a few of my favorite local beers while doing my most favorite thing in the world yoga. To say that the first annual Beer Yoga at Essential Hot Yoga was a success would be discrediting it. It was a MASSIVE success and freaking fun. You have to do this.

Crooked Fence Brewing and Essential Hot Yoga saw a need and filled it. They brought one of the coolest trends in America to the Gem State. Idahoans love to stay healthy, heck Boise has been called one of the fittest cities in the US. And we love our locally crafted brews. Putting them together was a match made in heaven, and it couldn't come at a better time. The studio in Meridian which is usually set up for Hot Yoga Classes took on a cooler like 90 something while myself and close to 50 others joined in this class. We did yoga, yes we did..we sweat like crazy..and we also drank some pretty awesome beers. I recorded the class on my phone to catch some of the moment just for you. Take a minute and enjoy.

And guess what!! With the massive success of the event this past week, they are adding on a second session March 10th from 7:30 to 9:30 at the Broadway location in Downtown Boise. Space is starting to fill up so come out and join in. I, unfortunately, will not be in attendance, as we will be vacationing in San Diego but you should totally go and experience this amazing night.

It so awesome that we have places like this in the Treasure Valley, go out and get involved in a class if you can. One of the things I hear a lot with yoga is that people have never done it before so they wouldn't fit in. OMG, not the case at all, yoga is for everyone. Even the person who has never exercised before can jump in and enjoy themselves. I am so excited for you and thank you Essential Hot Yoga, Crooked Fence Brewing and everyone who came out to take on this class. I'm hooked and will be going as many times as I can in the future, the beer was also an awesome plus. - JD

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