Let's start by throwing out the notion that poop is a taboo topic for discussion. The truth of the matter is we all go. And if we've accepted cartoon bears singing songs about wiping their butts, certainly we can discuss gut health and regularity. It's time to skip feeling embarrassed and start living your best poop life.

Last month I started Step 1 of Microbe Formulas 3 step system to get my pipes working at optimum capacity. Naturally I thought I'd be jumping on the detox train. That's always what you hear about cleaning out your system: detox, detox, detox. But what you might not know is that drainage is the crucial first step necessary for detoxification to occur.  While detox is actually grabbing onto and pulling the toxins out of your body, drainage is supporting your body’s natural pathways to clear out toxins.

So what exactly are drainage pathways? Well they're the organs that help move toxins out of your system: the colon, gallbladder, kidneys, and liver.  Essentially if your drainage pathways aren’t all the way open as you detox, toxins can’t leave your body. They'll just get reabsorbed into your bloodstream and make detoxing a disaster. Worse, it can cause permanent organ damage.

Having taken the products in Step 1 for a few weeks now, not only am I noticing more regularity, but my energy levels are way higher. I also used to think my norm is just to be constantly bloated, but I've seen that dissipate dramatically in just a few short weeks. It's really awesome to see such immediate results just by draining my pathways. The scale has also shown me a little mercy as of late, and I'm never mad at that. I'm excited to experience even more positive changes as I continue Step 1.

This system is not some gimmicky fix flat tummy tea that has you pooping lava. Microbe Formulas is aimed at improving your gut health the right way. Don't just take my word for it. Head to yayipoopedtoday.com to find out all about the products that will have you saying "Yay! I pooped today!" in the best way. No diarrhea here!


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