We have great shopping and restaurants in the Treasure Valley, but we're missing two major things in my book, an IKEA and In-N-Out! Is there any hope to get either to set up shop in or around Boise?

Boise Dev's Don Day sat down with three women who work to lease-up spaces all over the Treasure Valley and they said both places will probably end up here in the somewhat near future.

IKEA needs the space of about two Costco's and they usually won't build a store until the metro has 1 Million people. Right now we have over 730,000 and more and more people are moving here every week, so we'll reach that number probably sooner than most of us want to.

So where would a potential IKEA set up shop? The vacant spot in Nampa where Macy's used to sit. It's been unoccupied since 2017. Even if that doesn't work out, the women say if IKEA comes to the area they will probably end up somewhere in Meridian or Nampa.

As for In-N-Out, it was anticipated that they would be here a few years back, but the close-knit family chain says the problem is distribution. They never freeze their beef.

The women of Cushman Wakefield Pacific Advisors say they will continue to try to lure the popular burger place, but it's definitely not a done deal yet.

It's funny how when you have certain places close by you take them for granted. I had an In-N-Out and IKEA down the street from where I lived in Utah 5 years ago and I rarely went to either place, but now I really wish we had both places in the Treasure Valley! I think we'll end up with both eventually, but don't hold your breath quite yet.

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