You may not have said it out loud for fear of backlash, but you definitely thought it. What's the deal with the Idaho In-N-Out T-Shirt? I know that the love for the California burger joint is at an all-time high in the Treasure Valley, and it should be. After all, last month, after years of begging, In-N-Out finally opened its first store in the Boise area. There shouldn't be too much to complain about other than the wait times. Unless you pay the $19.48 for the official Idaho T-shirt.

In-N-Out first started selling burgers in 1948 and sold its first T-Shirt in 1975. At the time, restaurants selling T-shirts were highly unusual. They would create a new design each year, making them all extremely collectible. The designs would typically show hot rods from the 1930s through the 1960s sitting outside an In-N-Out. These shirt designs were clearly set in California, but they started opening stores in other locations. Now, they do a different design for each state.

For the T-shirt design to celebrate In-N-Out's first Idaho store, which, as you know, is located in the Treasure Valley on Eagle Road and Fairview in Meridian, they have decided to go with a design that shows a bridge in Twin Falls.


Wait, what? Are they even planning to open a store in the Magic Valley? Nope! Apparently, they think the Perrine Memorial Bridge is more iconic than the Boise Depot, the Boise skyline, Albertsons Stadium, the Old Pen, or any bridges over the Boise River. The Perrine Memorial Bridge isn't even the most iconic spot in Twin Falls!

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea; the photo they used is beautiful and was taken by talented Boise photographer Anna Gorin. She has also taken beautiful pictures of places in the Treasure Valley, which would have made more sense since that's where the In-N-Out is.

I love In-N-Out. I have yet to meet a Double Double that I didn't like, but these T-shirts have completely missed the mark. Also, in case you're wondering, I bought one anyway.

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