Most of us realize, we live in a pretty fantastic place in the Treasure Valley.  There's not much we need to add to make it better, but this weekend, I was reminded of 3 things. 

My kiddo and I took a quick (24 hour) trip to Utah to participate or visit three things we can't get or do here in Idaho.  I would argue our amazing Treasure Valley would be even more incredible if we added these.

1.  IKEA.  Fortunately, Salt Lake City is only a four and a half to five hour drive, and IKEA is worth the trip if you have a lot of furnishing to do on a limited budget, or in my case, a return (they allow you to return up to one year later).  I got my son a memory foam bed from IKEA and we're about to move him up a bed size.  I decided the next time it "made sense" to head down, I would grab one.  They had a mattress sale so I had a chance to save about $100 and get a great mattress for under $225.  We could use an IKEA here.

Connell - Jazz

2.  A basketball team.  I decided to take advantage of the IKEA sale on a weekend when we could also go to a Utah Jazz game.  We cheer for them regularly and love getting the chance to see them play in person.  My son had become a big fan of the Idaho Stampede (the Jazz's Development League Team) when they played here.  Unfortunately, our beloved Jazz moved them to Salt Lake.  I get all the business reasons, I just wish they were still here.  We would love to have a team to cheer on here in Boise.

Connell - In-N-Out

3.  In-N-Out.  At one time a special treat just for Californians or those visiting the Golden State, this amazing fast food chain has expanded to many new locations including throughout the Salt Lake area.  Now we just need to get them to come a littler further northwest.  I think the Boise area needs their amazing menu (and the famous off-menu items too).

It was good to visit and take advantage of these three things, and also great to come back to a place we can love to call home.  It does make me wonder though, are there any other things on your list that would make our great home even better?

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