Well, this was an accident when I posted up on Facebook this week. There was no real reason when I posted this question but received over 100 comments.

I posted a question that was simple, "What store is missing that would make your life easier or happier? Don't hold back!"

What's most impressive is how the pandemic assisted in taking away stores and Boise wants them back. It's safe to say that Idahoans love some vintage in their life. Everything we wish for like the best cameras on our phones, the fastest internet, newer apps, and food at our fingertips is also hindering our locality. We actually miss going out to stores instead of ordering in. We complain about the stores we lost while forgetting we stopped walking in. Technology.

The Stores Boise Wants Right Now

This comes as no shock that a majority of the people I speak with always mention IKEA. You have to leave for Salt Lake City, Utah to walk into IKEA. You can order from the popular store, but that will cost you about a $249 delivery fee. I think that prices go up the heavier your order gets. You can find a service called Assemble in Boise that will deliver from IKEA to Boise.

  1. IKEA
  2. Container Store
  3. Hastings (was in several locations in Boise years ago) The company actually had 3500 stores in 40 countries before saying goodbye in 2017.
  4. Shopko - Several locations from Boise to Nampa all closed recently.
  5. Gordman's - Another popular store that shut down upsetting a lot of people including my co-workers.

I found it interesting that so many people missed Mrs. Field's in the Boise Towne Square Mall. People love their cookies. We must also miss that vintage in Blockbuster Video because that came up a few times.

I would as the question regarding restaurants but In-N-Out would dominate like IKEA. They actually said Boise wouldn't be the home for an IKEA. The battle would be between Nampa and Meridian. That would be a battle!

I'm personally just wishing Toys-r-Us and Babys-r-Us would come back!


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