Larry Gebert is doing his show for KTVB New Channel 7 live from the Mix 106 studio this morning! He is helping get the word out about our big day on Thursday.

Mark Ellsworth-The Idaho Foodbank

The Mix 106 Cares for Kids radioathon is Thursday. For 12 hours Mike and I will be on the air asking you to step up and become a backpack buddy for The Idaho Foodbank. Backpack Buddies' donations of $25 a month provide a weekend backpack for a child in need. These children get the majority of their meals at school during the week, but on the weekend, the food falls short and they have to go without until they can get back to school on Monday morning. By becoming a backpack buddy you help make sure these kids have enough food to eat all weekend long. The backpacks include 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 2 snacks.

1 in 4 Idaho children live in households that struggle to get food on the table. That is more than 96,000 children! By becoming a backpack you can change that!

Larry Gebert is helping us spread the word about becoming an Idaho Foodbank Backpack Buddy. He will be doing his weather reports for KTVB News Channel 7 from the Mix 106 Studio this morning. You can listen and watch Mike & Kate in the Morning today! You can also sign up right now to become a backpack buddy. Click below to get even more information about helping to stop hunger in Idaho.

Mark Ellsworth The Idaho Foodbank