Long story short, I was supposed to get married near San Diego and have this crazy big wedding with lots of guests, but Covid has changed that, and now we want to get married here in Idaho, but where should we?

Here's the longer version. We booked our wedding venue two years ago when we were living in San Diego (we're not from there, just spent about two years there). It was originally planned for April 25th of this year and because of ya know, the whole pandemic thing, we had to re-schedule.

We booked a new date; November 7th. Low and behold, this pandemic is lasting a lot longer than anyone had originally thought and now it seems as though a lot of our guests are either hesitant to travel or hesitant to book based on the fact that we don't know what will be allowed in terms of group size in November, whether or not Covid is going to escalate, etc.

So now we're talking about having a much smaller wedding, and we'd love to invite our closest family and friends to Idaho, but where would we do it? The other thought is look, if we're not going to have the big massive wedding with 125 guests, lets make it a much more cost effective wedding.

Is there something cool in or around the Treasure Valley? Maybe somewhere nearby like Twin Falls? We wouldn't mind driving a bit but we would love to share our new home with our family and friends. Where can we have a small, 2020 friendly wedding in Idaho?

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