Let's face it, as much as we all would love for every engaged couple to live happily ever after through marriage and true love... it doesn't always work out that way. Things happen, life happens, and before you know it, you're both calling it quits before you even make it to the altar.

So... you've broken up... now what?

Alright, you've called it off and now the time comes to figure out... who gets the ring? I have to admit - I am not a legal expert by any means and if I'm being extremely candid with you, some of the legal verbiage can be a bit confusing, at least to me. I turned to various legal experts for the information and even then, there seems to be some conflicting information as to how far you can take this legally. Let's get right to it.

Who Legally Gets The Ring In A Breakup in Idaho?

Who legally gets the ring when you call off an engagement in the state of Idaho? It's a bit more complicated than you might think...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

It's interesting to see so many lawyers point out Idaho law when I couldn't find anything specific in Idaho legislation. I read about various things such as "conditional gifts" which would mean that the item doesn't belong to the recipient until the "condition of marriage" is met but most of the laws in Idaho legislation appear to be for commercial property.

Is this all hogwash? Have you ever taken someone to court over an engagement ring before? I would love to hear about it here.

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