My brother in law has kids all under the age of 10…and they are always saying funny stuff…  "his daughter my niece accidentally walked in on him getting out of the shower getting ready for bed.    

 Later on, she announced to a crowd of friends and family, 'daddy has a tail!  And it’s in the front!" My own kids, have led to many embarrassing situations....


"I took the boys to a baseball game once…At the game…my son was little…I think around 5 or 6.   He asked me which team was the one we were cheering for…and I said I we were in white…he stood up and shouted , 'We hate the black guys, don't we, daddy?' 

 I had to LOUDLY announce "Yes we hate the team that is DRESSED in black…..he was talking about their uniforms." …their uniforms were black"

We have one child that likes to quote movie and TV lines that he hears…but he almost never gets them right, which is sometimes embarrassing, like the time at a friends cookout, when cookies were brought out for everyone to eat, he decided to quote the line from the TV show Friends, which was supposed to be “cookies and porn, you’re the best mom ever”…which is bad enough, especially without any context…but he misquoted it, which made it even worse.  His quote was….”Nookie and Porn, you’re the best mom ever”

 Another time at a co-workers house party, my son who was 5 at the time was with me.  A few of us were having a conversation about spooning… 5 year old brought the conversation to a screeching halt by loudly exclaiming  “my daddy doesn’t like to spoon, he likes to fork”  Funny, yes…but also extremely embarrassing in front of a bunch of co-workers.

What about you?  What's the Funniest, most Thing You've Heard a Little Kid Say?