Andrea Wemhoff
Andrea doing what she loved best

I sit here at work for the first time in my career and I just don't want to be here. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but after a personal family tragedy this past weekend in addition to the news out of Las Vegas, I find myself feeling numb and I'm hoping that by writing about it, that maybe in some small way, it might help.  Tragedy struck my family personally on Friday night. While at dinner, I received a call from my sister telling me that my youngest brother's wife, Andrea had been life-flighted to Couer d 'Alene hospital. The doctor told my brother that her prognosis wasn't good and to bring her will and any DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) paperwork that he might have.

Even after getting that news, being the eternal optimist, I told myself she would be OK. She wasn't OK. Because of a brain bleed, she would never regain consciousness.  After numerous tests she was declared brain dead. She has been kept on life support, because she is an organ donor and over the next few days, doctors will be harvesting her organs. Even in death Andrea continues to help people. That's the way she was in life too..helpful, generous and funny and fun to be around.

It is a little comforting to know that even though she is no longer here physically, that parts of her will continue to live on and help to make other peoples lives better. Maybe even saving a few of them.

Andrea Wemhoff
My Nieces

I know death is a part of life, that I can deal with, but my heart aches, knowing how painful this is going to be for my youngest brother and their three children. We are a close family and there is a lot of extended family that will open their arms, heart and home to make sure they are not alone, but nothing can help heal that empty hole that each of them will feel.

Dealing with the death of a spouse or parent is never easy for anyone, but for young children, like my nieces and nephew, losing a parent can be especially hard.

I lost my dad in a farming accident, when I was 8 years old. The thing I remember most isn't how sad I was, but rather my confusion as to why I would never get to see my dad again and how could God let this happen to my family.

After dealing with feelings of my sister-in-laws passing over the weekend, I wake up Monday morning to get hit with the news of the Las Vega shootings and some of those feelings come rushing back.

It's now a few hours after the news broke and after sharing updates and information with all of you that were listening to Mix 106, it's just all so overwhelming and sad. As I sit watching updates and listening to stories about some of the victims, I can't imagine the sorrow and helplessness that loved ones must be feeling

We talked with people here in the Treasure Valley who had friends at the concert. Our sister station sent two sets of winners to the concert..we have since heard from both of them and thankfully they are all safe.  One of my best friends who used to live and work in Las Vegas, sent his wife and daughter to the concert...they are safe, but I can't even imagine the panic of not knowing if your wife and daughter are safe or one of the victims.

I know it sounds trite and somewhat superficial, but  I really don't care. It's the way I feel today. Hug your loved ones. Life is short, precious and can be so cruel.

RIP to all the victims of this awful crime and RIP to my lovely sister-in-law Andrea Wemhoff, you are loved and missed


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