What is one BIG thing each state has that's bigger than any other state.  For example, Illinois,has the biggest rocking chair...New York has the biggest butter sculpture. What about Idaho?  Here are some of the weirdest things on the list:

For Texas, it's the largest gathering of people dressed as turkeys . . . Wisconsin has the largest lawn mower parade . . . Kentucky holds the record for largest game of 'Secret Santa' . . . and Florida has the largest collection of flamingo-related items.

Pennsylvania has the largest gathering of furries (Ummm, probably shouldn't Google that while at work)  Vermont has the largest softball tournament played in snow . . . New Jersey has the largest beer can collection . . . Rhode Island has the largest sock . . . and Ohio has the largest collection of Troll dolls.

Iowa holds the record for most people clogging at the same time . . . Montana has the largest TESTICLE festival . . . and Oklahoma's claim to fame is the largest single dose of LSD given to an elephant….  WTH?

South Dakota has the biggest collection of "Swamp Thing" memorabilia . . . Michigan has the biggest collection of "Snow White" memorabilia . . . and Nevada is home to the largest object ever removed from a human SKULL.  Back in 2003, some guy survived after he fell face-first on an 18-inch DRILL BIT.

…and Idaho? / The biggest serving of fries. Remember the last Humanitarian bowl when Simplot company brought out a huge fry cooker that could fry up to 5000lbs of fries at a time and helped to feed about 30,000 people free fries?

The other big things Idaho is known for:  floating golf green in Coeur d' Alene and a temporary straw bale maze in Burley.







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