It's Thanksgiving week, so you'd think turkeys would be hiding instead of trying to become delicious dinner and leftover sandwiches. However, with multiple wild turkey sightings across the Treasure Valley, Boise's turkeys are pretty dumb.

That's right, these turkeys were just hanging out in Boise this past weekend at Kate McGwire's house on skid row. She texted me these pictures and asked if I'd ever seen anything like it. I've not only never seen anything like this, I've never even heard of anything like this.

Apparently nobody told them they were delicious, or maybe they though hiding in plain sight would confuse us humans.

Turkeys were not only spotted climbing on top of homes and cars, but they were spotted throughout the Treasure Valley running through the North End, through the Boise Bench and even in front of Smokey Davis meats!

Did I mention they look delicious? They are just lucky that I like my birds pre-baseted with butter.

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