The McCall Winter Carnival kicks off this weekend and I have a few things you don't want to miss if you're headed that way over the next 10 days....

It's a great and pretty easy day trip, but I suggest getting up for a few days.  Hotels and condos are a little hard to get on the weekends, so if you can get up during the week, you will find it a little easier to find lodging.

There are a couple of things that I highly suggest you do while in McCall for the Winter Carnival if at all possible. Last year was the first year we had been able to enjoy the Friday night, Night light parade followed immediately by the Fireworks. Fireworks in the dead of winter surrounded by snow is so cool and way different than watching them during the 4th of July. And if you don't get to see them opening weekend, McCall closes down the Winter Carnival with a Fireworks Finale the last weekend of the Carnival.

And if you're looking for a fun time on Friday night after or during the fireworks head to the outdoor beer garden.  You will enjoy live music, beer, drinks and a huge bonfire...

Don't miss the Mardi Gras parade on many people and so many free beads.

I have a couple pieces of advice to give you. #1 is don't miss the Friday night fireworks over the lake....If you've never seen fireworks in snow in the mountains, it's a pretty amazing display that shouldn't be missed.

#2 is that it's crowded so be patient... Everywhere is lines...bathrooms bars, you name it.  Just be patient.  The drive to and from McCall during peak times will also be busy so if you can drive up during off peak times you will be doing yourself and everyone else a huge favor.

Here is a schedule of everything going on over the next ten days....print it out and take it with you or just save this page...share with your friends and have a great really is  a lot of fun.

Check out my gallery of photo's that I took during past years Winter Carnivals, below.

Can't wait to see pictures of this years carnival where the theme is "There's 'Snow' Place like Home"


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