I was reading an article in one of my handy dandy favorite mens' magazine that really hit home and got me to thinking recently.  It was about things we do only because it's "COOL" or popular ....and we would never, ever, ever, never do it otherwise?  What about you?  Do you do things that when you think about it, are just plain dumb, and the only real reason that you did it is because you thought it was cool...or your friends were all doing it?  Things like this.....

  1. Saggy pants that show off your underwear.
  2. Wearing high heels.  
  3. Tanning.  Why else would anyone rapidly age their skin and increase their risk of cancer?
  4. Buying designer clothes instead of the cheapest clothes available.
  5. Waxing or plucking your body hair....OUUUWWWWWCCHHH!

I thought of a couple more....tattoos and piercings....they make no sense, but boy you sure do look cool