If you never hit the gym and you don't have an organized fitness plan, you may still be getting a good daily workout.  Here's how it sneaks in.  

Apparently, we're all burning more calories than we think we are.

This is kind of a dumb thought, but I tend to count the ballpark calorie burn when I'm working out, but once I stop exercising I assume the burn meter crashes and drops to zero.  Like welp, that was fun, but I'm off the treadmill now so the needle will be stuck at zero for the rest of the day.  Silly!  If we're moving, we're burning.

It turns out, there are at least a dozen things we do every week that could count as a "zero minute workout."  We just need to kick it up a notch.

Medical Daily says "high-intensity incidental physical activity" is a fancy way of saying we need to push ourselves while we're doing routine daily things. Everything counts, whether it's the stairs, yard work, playing with kids, mowing the lawn, organizing a room, scrubbing floors, shopping, housework, or taking a walk.

And they're saying three to five of these activities for 10 minutes most days is all we need.  Doing any of it with a little more oomph turns it into exercise.

Scrubbing the floors burns a calorie, tones muscle, AND makes the house shine.  This could be good, especially when we're pinched for time.  Something to think about.

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