Sometimes I feel pretty clueless at the gym. I mean I think I'm doing everything right but at the end of the day, who knows! Hiring a personal trainer seems like a luxury because it is but thankfully there's a new affordable option in town.

Starting Strength is a strength training system designed to safely and efficiently improve strength, health, and athletic performance. The best part is everyone also gets a dedicated personal trainer and for only $25/session. If you're really serious about your fitness goals then all things considered that can be pretty affordable for the average Joe.

If you're curious about what the gym can offer, Starting Strength is hosting Open House days to meet the coaching staff and learn:

  • How you can benefit from strength training
  • Why strength training is the best use of time in the gym
  • How every one of our trainees gets results by training with a coach 3x/week
  • How we perform the squat, the press, and the deadlift

Strength training is one of my favorite ways to get fit but after taking a long break from fitness altogether it can be intimidating to start all over again by yourself. "Starting Strength is for everyone. Even if you're detrained, sedentary, and/or unathletic, you have a baseline of strength that can be established and built upon," says the gym.

The gym will also be demonstrating their coaching method for each of the lifts and will host a Q&A at the end. All ages and fitness backgrounds are welcome.

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