8 weeks ago I embarked on a health and fitness journey for hopefully the last time. Almost four years ago I birthed a baby and my body never bounced back in a multitude of ways. My strength and energy never physically returned and I could no longer fit in my old clothes. I mean, these things are common for so many moms. After years of fluctuations and failures, I turned to professional help to finally get myself in order. With aid of gut health supplements, a dietician, walking the Greenbelt, fitnessblender.com, and accountability buddies, I've lost 16lbs in the last 8 weeks.

I haven't physically felt this good since before I was pregnant with my last child. As a morning show host I don't get very much sleep because of the wildly early hours. While I still need coffee every morning, my natural energy has improved drastically in these 8 short weeks. I'm not winded after climbing stairs, which always happened to me even at times when I had lost weight. My blood pressure has also improved. I genuinely believe this time I've actually gotten healthier overall in addition to dropping the pounds. And the best part is that I haven't felt like I'm depriving myself or making extreme sacrifices to achieve my goals. I'm a bit of a complainer anyway, but this is actually the easiest go I've ever had at getting in shape.

All of this begs the question: Girl, you've made all this progress but what do you look like now? 16lbs vanishing from a 5' 1" frame makes a difference, right? Always one to document a physical transformation, I took a picture of myself in the mirror 8 weeks ago. This morning I took a picture of myself in the mirror for progress/comparison purposes. Here's the transformation so far.

smaller Angie

Not perfect, but that's not my aim. I'm just excited to fit into all my clothes better. I've got warm weather clothes that can join my wardrobe again. I'm not at my destination yet, but I feel more motivated than ever to keep going.

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