I go to a lot of music festivals. I love being outside listening to live music! Each festival is different with their own set of rules. I want to make sure you have a blast at The Huckleberry Jam, so here is what you need to know for this weekend.

The Huckleberry Jam
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It's going to be a great weekend at Tamarack! The Huckleberry Jam is finally here! Live music from today's hottest jam bands on the slopes of Tamarack. This is my kind of weekend! I love live music. I love camping. I love craft beer and I love the mountains.

Any chance I get to attend a music festival, I take it! But none of them are the same. What you can bring in through the gates at one festival, you have to leave behind at another. To make sure that you know what is allowed in the camping grounds and what is allowed at the festival area, click on the link below. It would be a total bummer to have to go home because you brought your dog. Yup, that's one of the rules, no dogs allowed.

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