There truly is nothing better than hot tubbing during the winter, until it's time to get out. But if you can handle the 10 second run back inside, you'll be living the dream like we did on our honeymoon.

What better way to honeymoon during a pandemic than to go where there are even fewer people? We went to Tamarack ski resort a couple hours North of the Treasure Valley and though we didn't ski or snowboard, we sure had the time of our lives. My favorite part - the hot tub. We had a private cabin with a private hot tub and it was just the relaxing break from reality we needed after a crazy year and planning a wedding.

To celebrate our new marriage, and my wife's newly earned Doctorate in Psychology, we went to the Reserve at Tamarack, which is their new fine dining option and had dinner, drinks, dessert, the works. It was awesome. We stayed up late, we slept in, and we even had two of our dogs with us to make it feel a little more at home. We played some games, we watched some movies, read, it really was the ultimate relaxing vacation and I wish I could go back. In fact, I'm making a plan to head back and experience the summertime at Tamarack. After seeing pictures of it all green and summery, I can't wait to go back.

tamarack bridge

So, just something to throw in the suggestion box... Next time you're looking for a cool getaway, consider Tamarack!

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