A Boise woman named Taylor Lyle has gone viral on TikTok after posting a hilariously simple video. After 5 years, she told her dogs her name and their reaction was priceless!

The TikTok trends are interesting; every week it's something new. Typically there's some sort of funny dance challenge or something but this week was for the dog lovers. People were introducing themselves to their dogs and filming their reactions. Boise's Taylor Lyle did it and her dogs reacted in the best way possible! See the video!

And come to think of it... Do any of us actually introduce ourselves to our dogs? Maybe in the very beginning but they're puppies, there's no way they remember it! I tried this with one of my dogs and all he did was run to me. "Moug" must sound like "cookie" in his mind, so we certainly won't be going viral anytime soon. But Taylor's dogs were so perplexed by finding out her name, they stopped square in their tracks and looked at each other with their minds completely blown!

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This is one of those funny reactions you just can't recreate and I'm sure no one will be able to top, not even on the never ending awesomeness that is the internet, you know? However, I encourage you to try because at the very least, more cute dog and puppy videos aren't going to hurt the internet at all. The good thing is that dog's memories only last a few minutes so once I finish writing this article, I'll try telling my dog my name again.

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