How Much Do You TRUST Your Dog?
First off, I'll say that I LOVE dogs. I have dogs, honestly dogs make my day. I also keep them on leashes if they're outside. I had an experience that made me so ANGRY, not at the dog, but the dog's owner.
Having To Come To Terms With My Dog Getting Old
It's a tough reality to face... That dogs age so quickly. When I adopted Toby back in 2010, he was 2-3 ish years old, and man, does time with the pups go by so quickly. Here's our story. A bro and his pooch...
Who’s The Best Vet In Meridian?
Or anywhere in the Treasure Valley for that matter? I'm such a hypochondriac and I also become super freaked out when anyone else gets sick, even my dogs! Meet Titan, my chiweenie who has had a ruff couple of days, as I try and diagnose him without spending my life savings.

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