Idaho Fish & Game recently gave Boise residents a heads up when a moose was reportedly on the loose roaming the North End.

"A moose reported near Boise’s North End early May 22 was last seen in the north Boise Foothills near Wyndemere Drive," Idaho Fish & Game said in their press release.

"The moose was first reported roaming near Shenandoah Dr. and Shaw Mountain Road at around 7:15 a.m., with multiple other reports at various locations throughout the morning."

Moose can be really dangerous

It's important to remember that moose can weigh up to 1,200 pounds and when agitated, become extremely dangerous. Idaho Fish & Game reports that back in January, a woman was injured by a moose in Ketchum after she arrived home. The moose was reportedly agitated by her dog which brings us to our next point: what to do if you spot a moose in Boise.

Idaho Fish & Game says that if the moose returns or if you encounter another, give them a call at (208) 854-8964. Now, here are six things to remember if you encounter a moose in Boise...

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Idaho wildlife can be just that - wild. It's also summer time which can bring out those lovely slithery spawns of Satan we call: snakes. Sure, some people love to have them as pets and there are even people we work with who love snakes. Still, you need to be careful and protect your home (especially if you have small pets) this time of year. Here are seven ways snakes can invade your home.

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