While most people have their attention focused on football and fall festivals, a Boise man smashed a world record at a high school right here in Boise. David Rush, a Boise State alumni, recently attempted to smash yet another world record at the track of Centennial High School in Boise.

Rush, who has broken hundreds of records, sought a new challenge. One that would require him to break a record that puts his balance and multitasking abilities to the ultimate test... a true testament to his will and relentless pursuit of being the greatest world record holder of all...

Juggling on a unicycle for over 30 miles.

David Rush via YouTube
David Rush via YouTube

It sounds super random and it probably is, but that wasn't going to stop David Rush from conquering another dream.

"Previous record was 20,000 meters," David said as he began his video attempt. "And it's just over 12 miles officially and I think there is an unofficial record of 18 miles."

Once David states his mission, he hops on his unicycle and gets to work. Thankfully for the rest of us, David incorporates a timelapse into his video so we get to see all of the milestones as well as his intense focus.

David Rush via YouTube
David Rush via YouTube

For anyone curious, Rush completed 123 laps on the unicycle while juggling. I don't have a great history with math but by my calculations, that equates to roughly 30.75 miles which absolutely smashes the previous record of 12 miles as well as the unofficial 18-mile record.

Earlier this year, Rush made headlines for breaking 52 world records in a span of 52 weeks. What an absolute legend. Check out his unicycle juggling attempt below!

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