Like a lot of people, when I think of a Guinness World Record, I usually think of some marvelous physical feat or an accomplished collection. You know - some ridiculous record like this guy who literally solved three Rubik's Cubes simultaneously while juggling... all under three and a half minutes.

Or perhaps it's a group of people setting a record for "largest disco dance"... no, seriously check it out, it's pretty fascinating. But, when I saw that a couple out of Utah set a record that was attained purely through love? That is something special.

Utah Couple Enters the Record Books

Christine Chandler and her wife Senecca Corsetti out of St. George UT set the Guinness World Record for "greatest height differential of a married couple (same sexes/women)." Christine stands 5 feet 11.74 inches tall while her wife, Senecca measures 3 feet 2.29 inches tall.

According to Guinness World Records, Senecca has Diastrophic dysplasia which affects the development of cartilage and bone. Still, Senecca along with her wife maintain a sense of humor about their height difference and that was on full display in the couple's interview with Guinness World Records.

"We joke that I clean the lowest and she cleans the highest," Senecca joked about her wife, Christie to Guinness World Records.

"I hate doing baseboards and she’s a Rockstar at doing baseboards," Christie quipped.

With a height difference of 2 feet 9.44 inches, the couple's record hopefully inspires others looking for love to look beyond something such as height. So many people have encountered this issue when dating. Whether someone is considered "too short" to date or "too tall" to date, hopefully, Christie and Senecca's record can serve as a beacon for unconditional love.

While the record in itself is unique, there is no denying that the message is powerful.

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