If you've lived in Boise for some time, you may be familiar with the man known as David Rush.

The man of many talents...

According to the official site for Guinness World Records, David is an author, speaker, entertainer, STEM advocate, and as we all know - a career record-breaker. David is known for breaking over 200 world records and has quite literally made a career out of it. The man has broken records that most of us never knew even existed.

Most recently, David decided to attempt to break the record for most alternating fist bumps in a 30-second span. It's a task that can take hours of practice while most certainly leaving you some bloody knuckles in the process.

So, David did what anyone would do looking to go for such a brutal record - he enlisted the son of his neighbor.

David shared his attempt in a video where he quite literally is slamming fists with his neighbor's son and points out how red his knuckles are in the video. But, like the champ he is, David teamed up with this kid and pounded fists to beat the old world record of 174. Before we get to just how many fist-bumps David and his partner pulled off, let's look at some of the greatest records that he's ever broken.

I hope it goes without saying that you should not try some of these stunts at home as some of them are extremely dangerous. Like trying to balance a powered chainsaw on your chin...no, seriously - maybe don't do that.

A Sample Size of Impressive World Records Held By A Boise Man

David Rush of Boise has added another record to his already impressive resume of world records. From balancing chainsaws to using swords... David has done it all. Let's take a look...

We can't forget about the time that David throw on a ton of shirts and ran a freaking half-marathon... are we serious?!

That Time David Set A Ridiculous Half Marathon Record

"Could I be wearing anymore clothes?" I don't think Joey put 111 shirts on to tease Chandler in Friends. However, David Rush put on 111 shirts during the YMCA Famous Idaho Potato Marathon at Lucky Peak State Park Sandy Point. Take a look!

While David has set a lot of firsts in Idaho, there are still some things that happened in the Gem State first that David had nothing to do with. Let's take a look!

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