David Rush from Boise set a new Guinness World Record by using his mouth to bounce a table tennis ball off a wall 43 times in 30 seconds.

Rush said he practiced on and off for about a year before attempting the record in his home here in Boise and as they say, practice makes perfect! 43 bounces were enough to beat the previous record of 34 bounces that was set in 2018 by a man named Ray Reynolds from Great Britain.

This isn't the first World Record Rush has ever broken by any means. Rush, who is a speaker, author, performer, and the world's fastest juggler, has broken over 150 world records - all of which to promote STEM education. His latest record of bouncing a table tennis ball off the wall using his mouth, comes just one week after he accomplished running an ultramarathon (that's 29 miles!!) while juggling at the same time.

It seems like almost every week Rush is setting a new world record. Two weeks ago he chopped through 40 thrown apples while juggling knives. Three weeks ago he stacked 38 cookies in 30 seconds. The week before that, he got 24 shots from a single-load Nerf gun to stick to a ticket in a minute.

He documents the journey of each record he attempts, and then sets on his personal blog. According to his YouTube channel he performs and attempts all of these Guinness World Records "to inspire students and employees alike to set their goals high, have a growth mindset and have the grit to succeed."

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