This Guinness World Record is tipping the scales of being, perhaps, the oddest one yet. I hope his wife has had a chance to breathe!

My wife hardly likes having a blanket on her when it's 23 degrees in our room at night (yes, even in the summer). Idaho's David Rush loves to set Guinness World Records, particularly bizarre ones, and this might take the cake! Or cover the cake to keep it fresh... This time around, Rush beat the record for wrapping his wife in cling wrap, which he managed to do in just over one minutes and two seconds, beating someone else's record, who had beat his previous record. So yeah, he had it, lost it and got it back. Isn't this what romance is made of?

I don't know if I lack creativity or what, but at no point during my busy schedule do I think to myself, "I want to get the Guinness World Record for wrapping my wife in cling wrap in the shortest amount of time possible". I mean good on ya, David Rush for getting her to agree to it. Here's the great thing; when Rush achieves these goals, he's able to help out stem research programs, which makes it all worth it, when you think about it. From his YouTube page: "My wife is (still) a saint. We reclaimed the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to wrap a person in cling/plastic wrap. We nearly halved our previous mark... but it still took a dozen tries."

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