It's a major fear of most humans, being trapped in a situation especially an avalanche and not being able to get out. That is exactly what happened just yesterday on Bald Mountain.

A skier and snowboarder were both out-of-bounds when the avalanche took place, it was accidentaly triggered in the Warm Springs Creek drainage as reported by our friends at KTVB. The pair were carried between 100-150 yards due to the fast moving snow.

The skier was completely covered but luckily dug himself out after about 25 minutes, which was probably one of the most frightening experiences of their life. The snowboarder was buried as well, and again was lucky enough to dig himself out of what could have been a horrible disaster.

By the end of the adventure neither the skier nor the snowboarder were injured, but this is a great reminder for everyone who loves to enjoy snow activities to never go out of bounds. Going to sections that are out of bounds are just a recipe for disaster.

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