One of the best things about life in the Treasure Valley is our proximity to great winter recreation.  With amazing skiing just a short drive away, those resorts are working to attract younger skiers and boarders.

The typical (and most lucrative) clientele for ski resorts is currently the Baby Boomer generation, but as they get older and begin to "age out" of the sport, Idaho ski reorts are making a concerted effort to target a younger generation.

When you think about the income available to Millenials, it's far more limited than their parents or typical consumers.  Many resorts offer a much more affordable pass option for their younger clientele.  Bogus Basin cuts the cost of their pass from $549 to $349, which is a significant cut. interviewed a number of younger skiers and boarders and did find the common thread that keeps people from investing in skiing is time and money.

“Money is a big factor why millennials aren’t going to ski resorts,” said Katy Shilling, 24, of Idaho Falls and a master’s graduate from Arizona State University. “They’re freakin’ expensive. I go skiing at least three times a month and money is definitely a factor. I don’t have $50 every weekend to go, and that would be considered cheap.”

Bogus Basin has not only created cost-effective options but also has upped their game on social media and is meeting Millenials where they are at and keeping the appeal of the time spent on the slopes front-and-center.

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