If this isn't indicative of the times, I don't know what is... Every summer has it's own unique vibes and the summer of 2020 is one that won't be forgotten!

Introducing... The Trikini! Would you wear this? It's a bikini, three-piece! A top, a bottom, and a face mask that all MATCH! Could you imagine floating down the river in THIS?

These particular trikini's are being sold by an Italian clothing company, but ladies, you'll be all set for summer with these!

And for the fellas, does this mean you're going to rock a Speedo with a matching face mask? Maybe trunks?

For me, I'd need trunks, a t-shirt and a face mask cause my summer body isn't quite ready for 2020 lol.

Who would have ever thought, however, that the Coronavirus would have side effects that crept into our fashion choices in 2020? Will you rock some summer swimwear with a matching Face Mask?

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