John Moug

Neighborhood Facebook Page Win: A Free Piano!
It's crazy, when I moved into my neighborhood in Meridian, a few people had suggested I join the neighborhood Facebook page and I figured it would just be people complaining about teenagers being shady at night... Not the case!
Are Your Dog’s ID Tag & Petlink Info Up To Date?
My dog, T-Rex seemed to go missing yesterday... We looked all over the place for him and it turned out he ended up shut in the bathroom somehow and just didn't make any noise when we called for him, so all is well there, but it did make me think...
What’s Your Advice For The Class Of 2020 Grads?
I'd tell them to chase their dreams NOW. Don't wait, go after it as hard as you can and whatever it is your passionate about, embrace it while you're young. Relationships, love, marriage, kids and all those things will happen naturally in due time, chase after YOUR dreams NOW!
Would You Prefer Fake Crowd Sound Effects Over Silence?
With sports coming back soon without crowds, late night TV shows with no audience, would you prefer sound effects that made things FEEL normal? In fact, there was one MAJOR TV sitcom with laugh tracks that NEVER had a live studio audience.

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