Most of us are due for a haircut at this point, and men are most likely struggling the most. Salons are not considered essential under Governor Little's stay-at-home orders, so if you feel the need to give yourself a trim, here's some advice. 

Matthew Queen, who owns Cadillac Matt's Barber Shop in Garden City, spoke with KTVB and passed along these tips for at home hair cutters.

  • Use a trimmer or clipper with different guards. Use a 4, 3, or a 2 at the shortest length.
  • Just taper the edges instead of having a family member give you a full haircut.
  • Use clippers in a DOWNWARD motion.

If you have longer hair, Matt suggest you wait to see a stylist if you can.

My ex-husband gave our 13-year-old a buzz cut yesterday and I'm not a fan, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do in these crazy times. My boyfriend mentioned buzzing his head, and that's when I played down the law and said, "Let's just wait to go to the professionals."

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