It was the worst one ever!

The haircut I got Friday doesn't actually look that bad from this angle.  If only this side matched the other side!

Ladies I know you're with me.  At one point in your life I bet you've had a really bad haircut, and then you were left with the decision whether to whack it all off to fix it, or let it grow and explain to people for several weeks why you have lop-sided hair.

I got my hair cut Friday with a new lady and I knew I was taking a huge risk, but she wasn't busy and I had other things I wanted to get accomplished and didn't want to be bogged down all day waiting for a haircut.  She got me right in.  Hmm!! I wonder why she wasn't busy.  Note to self for next time--good hair comes to those who wait.

I told her to "trim it and keep the long layers."  To me that means take off a half inch or so to keep it healthy, tidy up the layers that already exist, and don't drastically alter them or add new ones. She accomplished that quite well on the opposite side of my head, but something got lost in translation to the side pictured  On this side she whacked so much off that when I returned the next day to complain, another gal in the salon said there was about an inch and a half difference in the layers from one side to the other.  How does this happen?!  Was she drinking?

I got my money back and decided to keep the lop-sided hair for now, because fixing the problem would have meant I'd need to also ruin the side that turned out fine.  I'm sure no one will notice, especially since I'm not pointing it out on this blog or anything.

Four hours after the "haircut from hell," I had a hot date and he didn't say anything about my bad hair.  Maybe my flat-iron and soy oil made it look "rock-star" enough that he just thought it was edgy, who knows.  But the date went really well and I've been thinking about him all weekend!  If he doesn't ask me out for date #2 I'm blaming it on the hair.