I got this meh old entertainment center at a yard sale around the corner from where I live in Meridian for a hundred bucks. $25 later we have a beautiful, custom looking piece.

As I stated before... Right around the corner from my house in Meridian, we spotted this yard sale and an entertainment center, which we've been wanting for some time. We paid a hundred dollars and it came with these two side pieces, a center piece and a piece that comes over the top. We did away with the topper piece because the TV wouldn't fit under it. Here's what the sides originally looked like:

ent unit 1

We went over to Home Depot and picked up a quart of Behr Starless Night paint. Here's a link. They we found these cool brass knobs at Cost Plus World Market in the Albertson's shopping center on Fairview across from The Village.

Some painting and drying and hauling into the house later and we have an entertainment center in our living room that while cheap, is not some Ikea piece you'll see in everyone else's house on the block. Like I said, we still have to paint and prepare the center piece but we can do that whenever. In the mean time, it's nice to have something nice in our living room.

Next will be the very basic dresser we found on Facebook marketplace at a house in Boise. We'll get that painted, get some fresh knobs on it and we'll be set. At this point, most of our house is filled with cheap stuff we found on market place and we love it!

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