I'm a renter so I suppose I could call my landlord but sometimes it's easier to just do it yourself. If it were the water heater, I probably wouldn't mess with it but the disposal...

I'm no plumber, but I generally have a good idea of how things work. We have a fish and in the process of cleaning his tank, some rocks ended up in the garbage disposal and angered it. I tried putting my giant hand in the drain and gathering what I could but nothing I could do would get it to spin so I decided to take a look under the hood.

Also, I'm a radio dj. I'm good with most electrical and audio cables, that kind of stuff but I certainly don't do cars and I'm not a handy man around the house by any means so this is a proud moment. I took the garbage disposal completely out from under the sink, pulled the whole thing apart, grabbed the rocks and all the other interesting things I found inside that thing (it was gnarly), took it out back and hosed the thing down pretty good, put it back together and put it back under the sink exactly the same way it came out.

Turned the thing on AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WORKED! Okay, I guess I've done this before. Back in my early 20's I used to have house parties and I'd have to chase beer bottle caps out from the disposal so maybe I had some experience but it had been a long time. Where do you draw the line when it comes to DIY at home fixes?

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