Whether moving into a new place or giving your old space a new look, redecorating can get pricey. However, I think there are a few things that I learned that had a lot of bang for the buck to make a house feel like a home.

When I first met my fiancé Stacy, she immediately bought a hat rack and key hanger to prevent me from always having to look for my keys and hats before running out the door. Next up was my “curtains” (a flannel blanket thumbtacked to the wall). All it took was some cheap black out curtains and it completely revolutionized my nap experience. And for the lucky mornings I get to sleep in, it really helps with temperature and sunlight.

Another thing that helped with organization was to make a magnetic DIY spice rack! All it took was a square piece of sheet metal, some small round containers, sticky magnetic squares, and a chalk marker. It’s freed up so much space in our pantry for the good stuff (like cookies, chips, etc.) and it makes it easy to reach over and grab that one spice you forgot to add in the middle of cooking.  What are some easy DIY tricks you have for making over your space?

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